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POLIS POLITICAL SERVICES specializes in communications to win elections. This includes researching voters, targeting voters, designing and implementing a full communications strategy.

With more than 25 years in cutting-edge, targeted, succesful Northwest political campaigns, POLIS brings unique insight to the challenges confronting campaigns.

POLIS POLITICAL SERVICES provide the services you need to win on the ballot:

  • general campaign consulting
  • survey design and analysis
  • direct mail design, printing, and mailing
  • voter targeting
  • website design and e-mail communications
  • video


During 2009 to 2013, POLIS was involved in a number of interesting campaigns.

  • We won a mayor's race in Spokane, after the candidate trailed in the primary by 25 percent.

  • We did independent expenditures to benefit Sens. Steve Litzow, Don Benton, and Barbara Bailey; and direct consulting for Sens. Mike Carrell and Randi Becker -- all won their elections.

  • We provided strategic and communications services to the campaign against PROPOSITION 4 in Spokane, Washington which was defeated with a 76% "No" vote.

  • We produced a fun "attack" television commercial in the King County Executive race, producing a lot of earned media and buzz in the blogosphere. You can see the independent expediture ad here.

A Proven Record

POLIS POLITICAL SERVICES has produced winning radio, television, web and direct mail for legislative, Congressional and judicial races in Washington state since 1994.

Old-fashioned hard work, 21st Century technology

POLIS POLITICAL SERVICES brings together the technologies and resources you need to transform your hard work into victory at the ballot box.